Ashlett  &  Kingsrew New Forest Ponies

Breeders of 'Forest Bred' New Forest ponies 

Ashlett Medlar

The New Forest pony has long been admired for its hardiness, intelligence, and good looks. It is renowned worldwide, and indeed, bred in numerous countries around the world. A tough agile, hard working little equine, which quickly adapts to its surroundings and is happy to be trained for all sorts of purposes. Here at Ashlett, we strive to produce these animals to a point where you can pursue your personal agenda with them, and we are pleased to say that many of our youngstock have gone on to make great riding and performance ponies.

We do not own any stallions, and only use those which are depastured on the Forest for several weeks of each year. Firstly, it is felt that this is the way to ensure good strong bloodlines for our stock, as these animals are vetted most carefully by members of the Breed Society Council, and indeed some elected Verderers, who are themselves well established commoners. Secondly, we are committed to ensuring that the ancient and honorable art of commoning continues in the New Forest for the foreseeable future, and are proud to be associated with that community. 

As you can see from the photos in our gallery, they come in all sorts of colours, and sizes can vary according to the height of the sire, or dam, or indeed both. To prove a point we have produced 147 cm fillies from a 127cm mare. So regardless of promises, you can never be sure of what you are going to get. 

Carole, Fiona, and myself welcome you to our website, and we hope to expand it as appropriate material becomes available. We are happy to assist you with any questions you may have with regards to the ponies or commoning in general. Please feel free to use our email address for this purpose.

Easter Posy & Ashlett Blackberry
Kingsrew Scooby Do
Ashlett Callie Mae